Golf and Pilates: a match made in heaven

15 Jul

I teach a number of golfers, both amateur and pro and I’ve been lecturing on this for a while, but the principles of Pilates are exactly the ones needed to be a great pro or amateur Golfer.

Don’t believe me? In Pilates you’ll experience an exercise format that works on your core, abdominal, pelvic (hip) and scapular strength, stability, flexibility, co-ordination and balance. This works for your driving, your irons and your putter. It helps make you a lot longer, more accurate and more focused with your strikes and your putting.

Still don’t believe me? The Titleist Performance Institute just published these findings on Rory McIlroy

So, if you want to play better golf, much better golf, then get to a good Pilates studio. Or if you’re in London then contact me šŸ˜‰ (

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