Grb10 – The Wimp Protein

26 Sep

Grb10 (growth factor receptor-bound protein 10) has been known about for quite a while now and is available in many supplements, but until recently it’s potential was not known, or rather it’s control of your potential. Its been referred to as the Hulk Protein, but it turns out that it might not be the magic muscle protein, it might me the Whimp Protein.


Research suggests that this grb10 gene is responsible for the control of muscle growth, ensuring muscles grow only as required, in response to consistent heavy work loads.

By disrupting the grb10 gene, and presumably thus the use of grb10 protein, researchers saw a huge increase in muscle mass, without the traditionally held requirements of load bearing exercise or special diet.

Additionally, the individual genetic levels of presence and effectiveness of the grb10 gene is probably a strongly contributory factor in why some people get greater results from the gym than others. It would mean at those with more prevalent grb10 genes would have to work correspondingly harder to make muscle gains and those with much less could sit in the corner, eat apples and watch the rest of us struggle (you know who you are).

Researchers published their findings in The Federation of the American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) Journal reports:

Will grb10 blockers be the next steroids?

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