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Pilates Teachers of London Meetup Group – Join Now

Pilates Teachers of London

Having run a number of user groups in other sectors, I’m acutely aware of their advantages for their members and the industries they represent. I realised recently that there wasn’t a user group for Pilates teachers in London, so I thought I’d launch one and see what the community response would be.

The advantages are numerous and often unanticipated. The networking, mutual support and camaraderie that comes from these groups is often surprisingly strong. Think about it. Do you have clients who have specific physical issues you’re having trouble treating? Maybe you have clients who are not responding to your individual approach or who are just very negative and its impacting the rest of your class. How much should you be charging for your classes? How do other teachers keep up to date on pertinent medical findings or the latest Pilates industry news? Where should you go to do further training? What should you train in? What are other teacher’s experiences in different training schools or courses? What bodies or associations is it useful to be a member of? What sort of insurance should you carry and what’s a reasonable price to pay for it? Are there other teachers local to you, of good training and skill standards that could cover your classes when something comes up, you’re sick or on holiday? Where’s the best place to buy Pilates equipment or clothing? And soooooo much more…You can discuss all these with your fellow Pilates instructors on the night or any time through the online members forum.

Don’t Panic:
I realise I’m preaching to the choir, but Pilates is great for everyone. Not just the old or just the young. Not just for women or just for men. Not just for the injured or just for the elite athlete. We will never need to be in competition with each other as there will always be more clients that teachers available to teach them. So lets unite in a common goal of bringing the one message to everyone, that Pilates will sharpen your mind and invigorate your body. It will fix you if you are broken and strengthen the focus and body of the most elite of athletes. It will trim and tone your stomach, bottom and thighs. It will keep you well and healthy late into your lives. Insert any number of Joseph Pilates quotes here…

The Group:
The group has only just been set up and we have no fixed venue yet, so for now please just join up and I will arrange a venue, a first meeting and a topic for presentation on the night. I plan to run the group once a month and it’s completely free to join. I’m also discussing sponsorship with a couple of related parties and I’ll announce how that is going as I hear more. It will probably take the form of discounted prices on Pilates goods, prizes on the night and maybe even a small bar tab, who knows ;). I am looking to bring in guest speakers on hot Pilates related topics (feel free to suggest them as well).

I’d be happy to hear any ideas anyone has on what they’d like to see come out of the group, so feel free to contact me. In the mean time, go here to join the Pilates Teachers of London meetup group.

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